Offering business valuations to both the real estate industry and management rights industry to assist business owners and other professionals to understand the value of the asset in today’s current marketplace. 

At Opulence Consultancy our market valuations utilise the Industry Rule of Thumb Methodology together with an Accounting Methodology to ensure that our reports are informative and have detailed analysis of the financial and statistical information of the business to provide a clear and precise indication of the value of the asset for the purpose of:

1. Preparation for Selling a Rent Roll or Management Rights.

2. Buying a Rent Roll or Management Rights.

3. Determining the Multiplier for the Contract of Sale.

4. Mortgage Security (Financing).

5. Business Restructuring.

6. Succession Planning/Retirement.

7. Business Mergers.

8. Partnership Buy-ins/Buyouts.

9. Purchasing Other Assets (Using Equity).

10. Gearing for Growth.

11. Simply Knowing the Value in Today’s Current Market.

As part of the valuation service, Opulence Consultancy checks approximately 10% of the rent roll portfolio.  This is not a due diligence on the rent roll, simply a check to confirm that the fees advised in the property management software match the management agreement and tenancy agreement.

Our Strengths include:

• In depth analysis of financial and statistical information of the business.

• Knowledge of legislative requirements for completion of industry forms and procedures.

• Understanding of the Industry Rule of Thumb and Accounting Methodologies used to determine the Goodwill Value of the business.

• Tarsi has over 15 years of valuation experience and over 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry.