The loss of managements and damage that occurs on a rent roll during liquidation or receivership over a period of time is not uncommon. 

The property management department is the asset of any real estate agency. It can be sold and financed and is worth a considerable sum of money for a business that relies on a management agreement with a termination clause between 30 day and 90 days, depending on the agreement age. 

Therefore, it is important that the asset is protect during the liquidation or receivership process.

Opulence Consultancy can assist Insolvency Practitioners by:

1. Supporting the Insolvency Practitioner during their engagement with any queries they have.

2. Determining the value of the asset for sale through a Market Valuation Report.

3. Preparing the Asset for Sale, through Rent Roll Due Diligence.

4. Assisting with holding the asset together until a suitable buyer is found i.e. communicating with property management staff and landlords to provide peace of mind.

5. Assisting with Selling the Assist during the contract period to ensure that as many managements go across to the Buyer at settlement.

6. After Sale support as required.

Our consultancy services are tailored to your requirements. For more information contact Tarsi at or 0420 909 940.