Pre-Settlement Rent Roll Due Diligence

The Pre-Settlement Inspection Service is provided to ensure that the original recorded Rent Roll Due Diligence discrepancies have been rectified by the Seller and that the portfolio is ready for settlement. 

It is normal during a pre-settlement inspection that the majority of the portfolio (if not, all the files) will have some discrepancies.  This process is another rent roll due diligence minus some searches. 

A report is provided and an updated rent roll due diligence spreadsheet outlining the files that still need to be rectified by the Seller.  This report can be provided to your solicitor to outline which properties will form part of the first settlement and which ones the seller needs to rectify to form part of the second settlement.

Our Strengths include:

• Attention to Detail.

• In depth analysis of the management agreement and fees charged to the landlord.

• Knowledge of legislative requirements for completion of industry forms and procedures.

• Thorough Reporting to the Client.

• Tarsi has over 15 years of rent roll due diligence experience.