Each State in Australia has Real Estate Legislation and Tenancies Legislation that a Real Estate Agency or Management Rights Agency must abide by.  This includes specific procedures to be followed and paperwork to be completed and held by the agency for the efficient and correct management of each property managed by the agency.

The Opulence Consultancy Rent Roll Due Diligence Service is a full audit of the property management files held by the agency and our firm leaves no stone unturned during the process to ensure that our clients are provided with a high quality report to assist them in minimising the risk associated with operating a rent roll. 

The due diligence service is not a valuation service and does not provide the Goodwill Value of the rent roll.  This service has been designed to find any discrepancies in the management of each property managed by the agency including landlord fees and charges by providing an overview of the income produced by the rent roll only.

The rent roll due diligence process can be undertaken at different stages of operating a rent roll:

1. Buying a Rent Roll.

2. Preparing a Rent Roll for Sale.

3. Assisting in finding discrepancies within your business to help create better business foundations and staff training.

4. After Purchase Due Diligence to ensure that you have everything required to maintain the ongoing management of the rent roll bought. Click Here for more information about our After Settlement Rent Roll Due Diligence Service.

5. Pre-Settlement Rent Roll Due diligence. Click Here for more information about our Pre-Settlement Rent Roll Due Diligence Service.

6. Bond Audit. Click Here for more information about our Bond Audit Service.

The rent roll due diligence service does not include a trust account audit.  During this process we request the most recent annual trust account audit provided to the relevant authority and the most current interim audit report to confirm that the agency has maintained the trust account in accordance with the relevant acts.

Our Strengths include:

• Attention to Detail.

• In depth analysis of the management agreement and fees charged to the landlord.

• Knowledge of legislative requirements for completion of industry forms and procedures.

• Thorough Reporting to the Client.

• Tarsi has over 15 years of rent roll due diligence experience.